Here is a list of relevant materials that can help you with your at-home bird conservation. Even more resources can be found online, but remember to use trustworthy sources, such as organizations specifically dedicated to bird conservation.

As part of this project, Anna and her team made and conducted public presentations. Recordings of their three presentations (The Top Two Threats to Birds: Windows and Cats, the B's, and Why Should We Plant Native) can also be found below!

If you have any questions, you can always contact your local bird conservation organization.

Threats & Population Decline

  • Bird population decline from the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies: here

  • Threats to Birds from US Fish & Wildlife Service: here

  • Cat Predation from ABC Birds: here

  • Wind Turbines from ABC Birds: here

Bird Preventatives

  • More bird preventatives, home and commercial, from ABC Birds: here

  • On bird preventatives from US Fish & Wildlife Service: here

  • Homeowner bird preventatives (ABC Birds): here

  • ABC Birds bird preventative database: here

  • About tunnel testing from ABC Birds: here

Indoor Cats

  • Tips From Jackson Galaxy: here

  • Catify to Satisfy book: here


  • Nestwatch’s Proper Birdhouse Infographic: here

  • For Canada and US, finding the right birdhouse dependent on region (Nestwatch): here

Outdoor Cats

  • CatioSpaces (Buying and Making Your Own): here

  • How to Build a Catio, from BCSPCA: here

  • Training A Cat To Walk on a Leash: here

  • Birdsbesafe® Collar Cover (the "scrunchie" collar): here

  • Moving an Outdoor Cat Inside: here


  • Types of Seeds Guide from All About Birds: here

  • Non-Seed Birdfoods from All About Birds: here

  • Peanut Butter for Birds from Birds and Blooms: here

Recorded Presentations and Handouts

Cats and Windows.pdf
The B's: Birdhouses, Birdbaths, and Bird-Friendly Backyards.pdf
Why Should We Plant Native.pdf

Planting Native

Note: it may be more effective to visit a local gardening store and ask about plants native to your area.


  • Global Invasive Species Database: here

Note: once you have clicked the link, click "Advanced Search Options." Under the "Location" tab on the left, check your global region. Then press the red "Search" button on the right.

The results are alphabetical by country/region.


  • List of Native Tress and Shrubs: here

  • Plants and Fungi Database, including Vulnerable Native Species: here

United States:

  • Audubon's Native Plant Database: here

  • Native Plant Finder: here

  • California Native Plant Society: here

  • National Wildlife Federation: here

  • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center: here


  • Plants for Australia: here

  • Australian Plant Database: here


  • Find Your Ecozone: here

  • Designing Your Own Habitat with Cornell Lab Canada: here