Now that we understand the issues, what can we do? A lot, actually. You will find a page of solutions for cats, bird-window collisions, and habitat loss below.

If you have any questions or concerns about these solutions, please contact us or our local bird conversation organization. When in doubt, wait and check with an expert. If these solutions are incorrectly done, they could have no positive effects, or perhaps even aversive effects, on birds.

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Cats are the biggest threat to bird populations, so if you have a cat, visiting this page is a must! However, keeping a cat indoors constantly isn't always healthy for the cat either. How can birds and cats coexist in a healthy way? We have the answer.

This page also discusses the misconceptions of bell collars—we can't safely use them. But, don't worry. There are other solutions!

Birds fly into windows because they don't realize a window is there. So, how do we "teach" birds about windows?

Well, we can't. However, we can cover windows with something called bird preventatives to decrease the chance of a collision. This page features a list of solutions approved by the American Bird Conservancy.

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Habitats can't be restored overnight. However, by planting native species in your yard, you can provide resources for native animals, helping them survive as more habits disappear.

This page has databases and lists of native plants for certain regions. It also discusses invasive species.